Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Birthdays and Summer tans

Midas Touch
The elusive perfect shade of red

I knowwww! lol

The past few weeks caught me in a continuous cycle of work and weekend on calls, with the extreme heatwave that has attacked the country and the intense blast of humidity injected in the air for good measure I seriously went into flat-not-so-bubbly-mode. But like all things I cant stay in a dreary phase for long and I figured I needed to snap out of it asap.

I just realized my last post was my happy hundreth to this cosy corner..I really should update more often. I also celebrated my birthday this past weekend and had a relaxing chilled out day with no pressure-for-fun, rather a go with the flow soothing lazy indulgence.

I got the sudden urge this weekend to go bronze goddess and transform myself from fair to honey and I must say it was really fun to do something different for a change. Stayed in this past week watching,yes I know Dynasty of all things (it's become a guilty pleasure lol) and a few other shows to catch up on before the fall season episodes begin. True Blood was rated as one of the top seasons premiered but so far Ive been disappointed, the awful casting and the slow plot lost my interest at episode 4..I guess I'll move on to other things.

On a bubblier note I got my lust listed black birkin a while back finallyyyyyy and it was the coolest thing ever. Although Im not really a hardcore fan, London Hermes is so much more accommodating than what I've heard about the past 6 months Ive managed to pick up three birkins from them with no drama whatsoever and theyve been really sweet in helping their customers find what they look for.
That's it from me right now, there are definitely more news and posts from me to come my bubblylicious readers. Thank you for being so patient. InD you had me smiling at your update prompts :)
Have yourselves a bubblylicious summer night xx


Anonymous said...

whats your nail polish please...luvssssssssss it

PinkChampagne said...

Lol I knew I'd get a question about that :)
Its Chanels Barcelona Red x

zuz said...

ur polish rocks!! looool shakhbary dynasty hahaha! i used to watch it;p!

Creme de la Femme said...

cheer up! we all feel a bit icky in this horrible humid weather - a couple of months n it'll all pass lol,

p.s loved the rouge chanel!

Fastidious Babe said...

gorgeous nail polish and the bag is fab <3 didnt know u went bronze! im sure it looks great xoxo i love mon coeur qui bat!

sham3h said...

I looovvveee 80s classic TV shows! Dynasty is one of my fav, I simply loved and adored every single piece Linda Evans would put on, the simple elegance of the 80s!!not forgetting the lavish lifestyle the Carringtons lead ofcourse! I am craving watching the show all over again! :)

PinkChampagne said...

@Zuz..Thank you babygirl x Yeah Dynastys such a flashback of retro times x

@Creme de la femme...Thats so sweet of you *hugs* I agree its the weather >.<

@F.B...Merci my lovely...have you checked out your tan thing yet? xxx

@Sham3h...Heyyyy! Im so glad you dropped by :) How have you been?
I agree its been so much fun watching and true it was definitely when luxury existed...I love Fallon..she makes blair waldorf look like a preschooler lol xx

sham3h said...

hey sweetie, yeah it has been a while since I've checked on my virtual existence :p

I loved Fallon too, her spoiled, carefree spirit was a delight to watch :p There was this particular scene that I still remember where she dances on the pool jumping stand - was just soo carfree :) The actress was part of the "Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys" show too, I loved her in that role too:

PinkChampagne said...

@Shma3h..I hope you keep your place in cyberspace active xx

Thanks for the link she was really good in Nancy Drew..I havent reached the dancing on the diving board part yet..unfortunately all I can see is that theyve released seasons 1-4 on dvd so far :( I did see her skinny dipping with Jeff and walking starkers out of the pool in front of a not so amused Krystle lol. You should watch it again soon :) xx
Do stay in touch its good hearing from you xxx

KissMyShades said...

Hmm . . . I've posted a comment over a week ago but it didn't come through . . . Happy belated birthday

Ever tried Hermes-ing in Paris ? No drama whatsoever. . . They are super duper nice, and you can get anything you want as long as you show up early.. well . . extra early lol

PinkChampagne said...

@KMS..Thank you for the wishes xx :)
Paris has a fab reputation for Hermes-ing as you adorably put it but no I havent tried although I will check it out in the future, honestly Im a Chanel girl through and through..Id camp outside 31 Rue Cambon and live at the CoCo Chanel suite forever and stalk Lagerfield when I move there :D

Anonymous said...

hi can you please give me the style code + color # of your gorgeous red chanel? pleeease

PinkChampagne said...

@Anon..thanks for the compliments :) Its the red cruise colour with muted gold hardware that came out for cruise 09. Hope this helps :) xx

PinkChampagne said...

^By the way you should get your hands on the sexy new maxi flap thats coming out cruise 2010! Its so on my lust list :D xx

Anonymous said...

oh thanks alot deeeear :*
the new MAXI??!! do you have idea about the colors???!!! lamb or caviar?

PinkChampagne said...

^Anon..its in lambskin and the red is gorgeous..I had a look at the other colours, nothing special other than this piece.
There is an electric blue jumbo coming out in November if youre interested..its a unique colour and would be a great fashion staple.